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Do you know what CARETOFUN is? What CaretoFUN is About? Who Made CaretoFUN? Why CaretoFUN was formed?


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Welcome to the area of knowing about your favorite website CARETOFUN.NET

When one is looking for something good to have their leisure time passed in good manners over internet, what one do mostly is, finding place to talk to new people, find good music, find funny videos or educational learning or something that can amuse. so when you have visited caretofun and found the stuff about different things. you must have felt good, isnt it? 🙂

What is CTF?

Care to Fun is a multi niche site which targets all generations all type of people who like to browse and wants to find new stuff, meet new people, looking for new friends, love sports, want to read new articles and new features, radio music lovers, wants to listen to RJ shows, love poetry and chatting, play online games, learn something new online. Our target are those who are getting bored and want to pass the good time..

The Categories:

Different aged peoples from different areas and different countries are gathered here in our chat rooms to meet each other, to have fun, to talk to each other and adults are enjoying our best place which is called INTERNETIONAL CHAT ROOMS Generally, most of them are gathered and have fun in the chatroom talking to each other and not go without having good friends.

Our Staff:

Faizan Ahmed – Founder

Faizan is a Pro Blogger and Founder of Caretofun. He always intend to deliver the best well versed posts and the best for you.

Ijlal Haider – Chief Editor

He is an aspiring blogger and Chief Editor for Caretofun. Love to make people join chat room and delivers his best for CARETOFUN.

You can contact us at admin@caretofun.net