Why Amir Khan unable to work with Jackie Chen

Aamir Khan recently had an amicable encounter with superstar Jackie Chan while in China. The perfectionist visited China for his well-received film PK. Aamir Khan’s PK was premiered at the most respected Shanghai Art Center.

Coming back to his recent China visit, Aamir Khanaamir-khan-jackie-chan-759 said he was surrounded by screaming fans during his visit to the neighbouring nation. Aamir Khan says he was most surprised that he had such an up-to-date audience in China. “China was very exciting. Right from my arrival at the airport to my departure, I was surrounded by fans. That was the level of their enthusiasm.”

The actor blushingly spoke about the much talked about kiss he received from a fan during his trip. “The fans were too excited and were at the airport as well. That’s where all this kiss-wiss happened. They would wait at the hotel, whenever I would leave and return, there would be around 20-25 people around,” he said.

Aamir Khan also joked about wife Kiran’s reaction to these kisses, “Luckily, Kiran was not there,” he said with a laugh. “She is actually in Bangalore along with Azad for her mother’s birthday. And this trip was too short, full of interviews and events, so Kiran said we’ll go for a holiday another time.”

“We had two ‘PK’ screenings – Shanghai and Beijing and they had travelled from different parts. They were quite crazy also like screaming, shouting and being how fans usually are. But, even the regular audience who I met outside these events had already seen the film on pirated sites. Now, when you watch a film on a pirated site, it means that you are actively searching out for those films. It’s not landing in your lap and so requires a bit of effort. All of them (fans in China) have seen at least six films of mine – Lagaan, Ghajini, Rang De Basanti, Taare Zameen Par, 3 Idiots and Talaash to name a few. So, I was quite amazed because it shows they are really interested, said Aamir Khan, who was casually dressed in blue T shirt, track pants and baseball cap.

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