Haalim by Nemrah Ahmed Haalim Episode 16

Haalim Episode 16 is about to release in August, after last episode THE ELECTIONS lot of controversies and objections raised due to a new twist in Episode. However the novel is still continue and there is alot to come more. Being writer Nemrah Ahmed always mentioned that she write what people need to know not what they need to read. We let you read the story before the Edition arrives in Market. 

Haalim Episode 16

Halim episode 16 Read Online, if you are facing missing pages issue, please refresh your page..

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تمام ریڈرز سے گزارش ہے کے وہ اپنے اب تک کے حالم کے سفر سے سیکھی ہوئی کوئی بات شیئر کریں۔ مثال کے طور پر کچھ ریڈرز کے لکھے ہوئے خیالات نیچے تصویری شکل میں پیش کئے گئے ہیں۔ آپ اپنی تحریر پر ارسال کر سکتے ہیں.


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CaretoFUN Ensure that the readers enjoy while reading this Novel because Nemrah Ahmed summarized many things in this Novel Covering best interesting parts. furthermore this novel teaches us beautiful things in life to improve our lives. Hence reader will start to flip the pages next to next that it would rise your curiosity.

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Moreover the novel is about time traveling. Episode 16 has quite different name i.e. Waqt Kay 3 Sawal. What is your expectations about the Three Questions? is it Shahzadi, Moorakh or the Memory of Fateh is hidden in three Questions of Time? What wil the the three questions be ask from three Prisioners?

Haalim is not only a quite Different type Urdu novel from Nemrah Ahmed. Haalim is not a novel that someone will read and forget. It is like a true story and Autobiography. In addition recommendation is that readers should read it with fully concentration. Since Haalim is very different as compare to other Nimrah Ahmed Novels.

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Furthermore Haalim novel is going towards end now. Readers to know that each month the episodes are being long and most awaited. Because Halim novel is most excited and reading novel of 2018  all the readers are eagerly waiting each episode.

Nimrah ahmed has written alot of Famous  Novels and digest. She has always written stories that catch the attention from first to last episode.. This is the reason the reader eagerly waiting for new latest episodes.

HAALIM EPISODE 16 Online Reading


Haalim Episode 16 name is yet to announce. Pakistani one of the Best and Famous novelist Nimra Ahmed started this Novel in May 2017 for Khawateen Digest specially loved and liked by ladies but not ONLY ladies.

Nemrah Ahmed is great writer of Novels, Books and Series and She has quite different taste. Her all Stories have super different, such as Jannat Kay Pattay is masterpiece. Also, Girls encourage to wear Hijab after reading her novels. While in the novel she enforces on Hijab Value and always admire and encourage to speak Truth.

First of all, Haalim seems to be more addictive than Namal. As you can feel that Namal took little time  to build interest and suspense in readers. Also, Haalim’s first episode Ghayal Ghazaal (The Injured Deer) was enough.

Since readers are eager to wait for the rest of the novel Get ready for arrival haalim novel episode 16. Furthermore there is always Teaching in the stories and showing new world to the readers. While Best of them all is due to Tafseer from Quran beautifully write.

Most of all, Nimra Ahmed’s Script power, another, style to extant case and reveal story. most noteworthy Writing two Scenes at same time is Mind Blowing. Also, Booklovers can gain So much information from the plot. Since Every story is a master piece and making addictive to the readers.

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The Great Author Nemrah Ahmed known as one of the greatest writer for introducing students the art of understanding. In addition Her literature that gets contact to the soul. Hence The novel is accessible with knowledge. Rather, at its extremes. While in a way that some characters travel to different time.

Finally, to the readers: Nemrah Ahmed is moreover consequently dragging the story towards the top most peak of interest, furthermore characters also in the story lovable and hateful both. furthermore A Beautiful Story and superb theme. Haalim Novel Episode 16 Sneak Peak available here.

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