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Haalim Episode 15 finally going to be published today 21st July. Its Taaliah Murad’s Birthday Also. There is with you a good news. Yes, Haalimians!! a very we good news for you that this month Haalim Episode is coming with its best twist and eye opening twists of the novel. Haalim Episode 15 PDF Download from your very own site with High quality images as well as PDF file to read in offline mode, Scroll down to see complete page and find Haalim Quotes for Whatsapp Status, Nimrah Ahmed’s Message about Haalim and Much More of Haalim!

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The worst illiterate is the political illiterate, he doesn’t hear, doesn’t speak, nor participates in the political events. He doesn’t know the cost of life, the price of the bean, of the fish, of the flour, of the rent, of the shoes and of the medicine, all depends on political decisions. The political illiterate is so stupid that he is proud and swells his chest saying that he hates politics. The imbecile doesn’t know that, from his political ignorance is born the prostitute, the abandoned child, and the worst thieves of all, the bad politician, corrupted and flunky of the national and multinational companies.” (Bertolt Brecht)



سیاست پولسیز بنانے کا نام ہے اور آٹے دال ‘ چاول ‘ دواؤں اور موبائل کریڈٹ کی قیمت سے لے کر ہر چیز کا تعین سیاست دان کرتے ہیں‘ اور اگر سیاسی جاہل اپنی رائے نہیں رکھے گا ‘ سیاست میں ووٹ اور سپورٹ کے ذریعے حصہ نہیں لے گا ‘ تو و ہ کرپٹ حکمرانوں کو مضبوط کرے گا اور سڑکوں پہ بے حال پھرتے لوگوں‘ چور ڈاکوؤں ‘غریبوں‘ سب کا ذمہ دار وہ ہو گا۔

Haalim Episode 15 PDF Download

Haalim Episode 15 PDF Download

Hence Haalim is one of the best novels by Nimra Ahmed. It is notice that people know more Nimra Ahmed after her novel Namal and Jannat Kay Pattay. However Haalim is another master piece.

Haalim Novel Best Quotes

“Whether you are a personal life or a career. Furthermore just speak the truth and stand for the truth. It makes you grow. The truth will bring you up, because it lightens you up and can make you fly through the free air.” – Haalim Episode 15 PDF Download

ذاتی زندگی ہو یا کیرئیر ‘ صرف سچ بولنا اور سچ کے لئے کھڑے ہونا آپ کو ترقی دلاتا ہے۔صرف سچ آپ کو بلندی پہ لے کر جائے گا ‘ کیونکہ وہ آپ کو ہلکا کر دیتا ہے اور آپ ہر بوجھ سے آزاد فضا میں پرواز کر سکتے ہیں…

Use Status of Whatsapp

“خوابوں کے لئے محنت کرنا پڑتی ہے- جان مارنی پڑتی ہے- لوگ مسئلوں کا آسان حل مانگتے ہیں، اور جب وہ نہ ملے تو وہ مایوس ہو جاتے ہیں- اللہ تعالٰی کو وکٹم ہڈ بالکل نہیں پسند- ہمارے کچھ مسئلے ایسے ہوتے ہیں جن کو ٹھیک ہونے میں لمبا عرصہ لگنا ہوتا ہے، تو منفی لوگوں کی طرح اس عرصے کو مظلوم بن کے، اپنے دکھوں کی کہانیاں سنانے کے بجائے انسان کو آگے کے بارے میں اچھا سوچنا چاہئے- اسے اتنا مثبت بننا چاہئے کہ اس سے مثبت شعائیں پھوٹنے لگیں- وہ جہاں جائے، ان مثبت، خوشگوار روشنیوں کو بکھیرتا جائے-”

Best Quotes of Haalim Novel

“There are efforts required for dreams – have to do real hard work – people ask for a simple solution to problems. Furthermore when they do not get they get sad. Allaah Almighty does not like Victim Hood – some of our problems are to take long time to solve. So instead of being negative people, tell others your sad stories. One should think about future, a good thought about future. One should be this possessive that positive light started to emerge. To be oppress, rather than listening to stories of their own. Man should think better about him. It should be so positive that he can take positive points Look – where it goes, scatter these positive, pleasant lights-“


“Man finds himself happiness in himself. Instead, others have to learn to trust in themselves, to follow others and to rely on others’ opinions. We are our best friends and the best judges themselves.” Halim Episode 15 PDF Download

انسان کو اپنی خوشی اپنے اندر خود ڈھونڈنی ہوتی ہے. ۔ بجائے دوسروں کے پیچھے بھاگتے رہنے اور دوسروں کی رائے پہ انحصار کرنے کے. ‘ انسان کو اپنی ذات پہ اعتماد کرنا سیکھنا ہوتا ہے. ۔ ہم اپنے سب سے اچھے دوست اور سب سے اچھے جج خود ہوتے ہیں۔


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Hopefully most of you would have read the fresh episode of Haalim by now. I got some confused emails and some disappointing emails and some happy emails after that. My problem is, I am a writer whose loyalty lies more with her pen than with the “feelings” of her readers. (Sorry!)

Someone asked me, “should we not vote then?”

My answer is, I cannot write stories about “how things SHOULD happen!” I have to write about how things DO happen. About how the world works. About how the politics works. And how the fangirls and fandom works.

There are three types of people.

Datin kind, who are pessimistic and don’t vote at all, because they don’t HOPE. Then there are Adam kind who are busy in their own lives but do have an opinion and go out and vote. And then there are Taaliyah kind folks who are crazy fans of their star celebrities and they crazily work for campaigns (even if on social media level) and make sure their candidate wins.

Haalim is not about “not voting”. Those who think we shouldn’t vote are reading a different story from what I have written. A novel usually has many conflicts, characters give their opinions and in the end the reader weighs all opinions and gets his conclusion. “In the end”, I repeat. Haalim still hasnt ended so the conflicts and opinions haven’t yet resolved.

Haalim is about a man promising his nation IDEAL promises because (from the episode One I told you) he is an idealist. Haalim is about a “fangirl” who keeps herself glued to her leader and believes that once he comes into power, there will be 1000 years of peace and prosperity! Haalim is about staying true to your word and how challenging that could be.

I gave many speeches in this episode compelling you to VOTE. Even if your candidate doesn’t have a chance, you have to go out there and vote for your own self esteem. Even he becomes a “bad guy” later on, you must vote. I could have told you that in a 5 minute lecture too. I could also tell you to take hijaab or stand up against brutal murders in lectures too. Why did I write Namal and JKP then, eh?

Because in Namal when a mediocre family went up against a powerul family in court, it had consequences. If you start wearing hijaab, it has consequences. My job as a writer is to show you a full picture of the problem at hand. When you vote, it will have consequences too! Your leaders are not going to fail you but your expectations eventually will. Has anyone prepared our people for that time? Nay. I want to. Vote and cast your opinion. But remember ! Election is not the endgame. If you are a social activist your job does not end with an election. Election is just a beginning. Be prepared for all kind of scenarios afterwards.

Now what to do if your candidate does not deliver?

People (like Daatin) will shame you for believing in the electoral system in the first place. If you don’t vote, you will stay like her always, eating your own cake alone, pessimist about future! (Do you guys not notice the symbolism in Haalim btw?)

If you vote, and your leader doesn’t keep his promise, you will become either like Adam who gets shocked but soon starts defending his leader (like you will read later on- sorry for the spoiler) Or you will become like Taaliyah who gets heartbroken, quits following her leader, comes out of her fandom and becomes disappointed in him.

Which attitude is right? Which attitude should be our attitude ? For that you have to read my novel till the very end. I always wanted to write about a politician who does not live upto his own set standards and explore what to do THEN? There are many similarities between Haalim and current scenario of Pakistan and I put them there myself and for that I was accused of supporting a political party. I didn’t say anything then because I knew that when they would read the part about “a leader disappointing his followers” they will get a different perspective. I wish you all the luck. Whosoever you vote for. BUT Don’t fight with your friends and relatives over your political choices. Don’t hate people if they like a leader that you dislike . And DONT idealise a leader. And MUST prepare for the aftermath of an election. If your leader does not deliver, then his biggest supporters should become his biggest critics. How to have the courage to do so? And how to learn to speak the truth when your leader is mistaking? Keep reading Haaalim and it would explore these questions !


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  1. rza

    when writers add some ideal things and if we question on it then writer will says: all happenings are suposed we had inform already..what is this?

  2. No more interest.

    It seems like k ab writer k pas content khtm hogya Hai or unko likhny me interest b nai rha. Ltka Ltka k Sara mza khrab krny se behtr Hai koi acha end de kr khtm hi kr den isy. Jb likhny Waly ko interest na ho tw prhny Waly ukta jaty hain. Ye koi trika tw nai hai na k aj 29 hogai Hai and no 16th episode. Such an erratic behavior.

  3. falak

    16 episode kab ae gi plz nimra api itna wait ni krwya kary mana k ap ny bola tha k last episods kuch late hn but ap ab itna b ni imtithan liya kar na apne readrs ki dy de ab episode

  4. Sadia zaheer

    Salam….next episode k leay kitna wait kerna paray ga Nimra jee……??

  5. falak

    episode 16 kab ae gi

  6. Afsha

    Next episode kab aaye GI????????

  7. Anonymous

    Van Fateh is a human being neither God nor demigod. He is prudent and wise. His decisions are not haphazard; rather they are based on his prudence. Taliya has actually put Fateh, his idol on high pedestal. She wants perfection in him. She sees him a flawless figure. She idealises him and in her idealism she forgot Fateh is a human being though special. If he shook hands with corrupt politicians; there must be some plans behind his decision. So we should wait and watch his next move. Gud luck Fateh nd best wishes for Nemrah.

    1. caretofun

      Very well said, wish all our readers understand this and that the novel is not ended with this epi

    2. Nabeel Ahmed

      Well commented.

    3. rza

      yes you are right..but 15 episode is totally based on current affairs of pakistan..and this was wan fateh who compelled taliyah to create expectations if you remember forest journy and old malaka..and yes you are right human is human not angel..every person have some good qualities and bad qualities.

  8. Anila

    Not again in old malaka
    Poor Adam

    1. rza

      miss ahmed peechy jo taasha wali poem chorr k i the likhny k liye ab wo b to likhny jana h novel b to lengthy ho jay ga na smja kren…😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏

  9. Maria azeem

    Miss nimra ny jo likha bilkul such likha..i agree…siasat hai hi gundi chez…yhan koi apny mufad k leye kuch b kr skta hai….

  10. Zuhi

    Nimra api me to bilkul bi disappoint nai hui episode 15 se ap ne jo b likha bilkul reality base per likha h agr ap van fateh ko bht achaa or dikhati to wo as a story hi rhta lakin ap ne jo twist liyaaa h wo amazing he bilkul reality per mje tooo bht pasanad aya h well done api or jo log is episode per criticize kr re hen wo to pagl hennnn bilkul..love you always

    1. caretofun

      Bilkul sahi kaha, nimra ne is episode pe critisize kerne walo ka response b dia ha detail ma jo page per upload ker dia ha last main woh zaroor read kren sab

      1. Zuhi

        G padra hthis is mine most fav episode ✌✌

  11. Ap bohat der say episode shaya krti hen or wo b itni choti si ap ny 100 plus pages ka kaha tha ?

  12. Fozia durrani

    Episode 15 is really v v disappointing. 21 july tk bus ap ne yahi likha ??? Mujhy to lagta hai ap ne iss view ko change krny k liay k ap PTI ko support krti hain , last hours main sub kuch change kr dia. Phir 100+ pages ka promise kr k 82 pages pr tarkha dia.
    Anyways , v bad and disappointing episode by nimrah , first time in my life

  13. Salman

    Hi ,
    Not a Good episode …. No suspense , no thrill ,
    Also it’s published too late, may be that’s why not so much impress . Kiya Yeh zarrori hai k jo mulk k haalat hain aap apnay episode ko un say connect karay ? B/c it’s just a novel , till Episode 14 it’s awesome , and worth reading but now in episode 15 it’s not impressive ….. Almost story he change ho gai hai ….. It’s like aap novel nai news paper parh rahay hain, sirf naam ka Farq ho …….. Is novel ka 1 pace tha , Woh khatam hota nazar aaya is Mai ….. Bahrhaal aap writer hain , zyada janti hain , may be coming episodes Mai Sab cover ho jaye ……

    1. caretofun


  14. Iqra Mobeen

    are you a mad novelist what you have done DEAREST NIMRAH AHMED. you have spoiled your HERO “THE WAAN FATEH RAMZEL” JUST TO COMPARE YOUR NOVEL WITH PRESENT CONDITIONS. i have never expected this from you.in previous 14 episodes you have made his impression like a HONEST AND BRILLIANT person but know you have introduced him like a corrupt and HIPPOCRATE person SALUTE to you nimrah ahmed you have completely spoiled his image just to DEFEND yourself that you are NOT a PTI SUPPORTER.

    1. caretofun


    2. rza

      miss nemrah ahmed or numera ahmed whatever you are…now u are presenting only explanations or examples. i don’t know .but you now….15 episode has been uploaded..so its our right to like or criticize it..which thing is in front of reader they like or criticize that thing you have to accept it that iqra mobeen says in the perspective of only and only 15 episode except her first sentence ..we don’t know what are you writing or thinking in the next episode..and whats your planning about the end..this is the reaction on only 15 episode not on your coming episodes or end…you wrote 15 episode on the current affairs of pak.. you have to accccccept it..

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