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Haalim by Nimra Ahmed Haalim Episode 16 is releasing in August 2018. As same as all previous episodes and interesting directions in Nemrah Ahmed’s Novel Haalim Episode 16 will be awesome. Name of 16th episode of Haalim 16th is , (دوری نگارہ ملایو) (ملایا کا کانٹا) “Duri Negara Melayu” (The Thorn of Malaya) The name this time is quite different. we hope that you will enjoy the episode as you are going through the Novel.

Message for Readers |  ریڈرز کے لئے مسج

اگرآپ ناول کے حوالے سے اپنا تبصرہ پیش کرنا چاہتے ہیں اور ہمارے اس پیج پر شائع کروانا چاہتے ہیں تو ہم سے ای میل کے ذریعے شیئر admin@caretofun.net کریں۔ نوٹ کیجئے ہمارا ای میل ایڈریس:


Haalim Episode 16 Online reading here and also read Nemrah Ahmed’s Interview and Question answers session with fans and readers. A lot of questions asked to Nimrah Ahmed which she has responded one by one through comments. You can read in our page. Further more Nimrah Ahmed was asked about Haalim Episode 16 her very on going novel. Learn what Nimrah said in this regards.Haalim is a novel full of suspense and twists with its major characters Wan Fateh & Taaliah. Furthermore every episode will be taking your thoughts to new destination and readers keep thinking about what is Next.

Haalim Last Episode

In last episode The Elections we learned that Wan Fateh is a very fair person who is soft hearted and public loving. However it appears he won the election taking public on his side doing good-acts in start. Taaliah is a fair person at this stage and is standing by Wan Fateh. However after winning there is a change coming up in Wan Fateh Attitude. And all of sudden complete change has occurred.

What now? What is going to be expose in Haalim Epi 16 ? any Ideas? we would like you to share your comments and let us know what you expect in the coming episode. Leave your comments in below comments section.

Haalim Episode 16

Haalim Episode 16 going to publish in the Month of August on this very page and available for online readers who love to read Nimrah Ahmed Novels.

Halim Episode 16

Describe what you have learned from Haalim Novel and what is your expectations from upcoming episodes, Nemrah Ahmed was asked alot of questions about last Episode, Haalim Episode 15 and she has replied in her post.

Read Previous Episode Here.

Haalim Episode 16  will be uploaded in the Middle of Month August. Readers are eagerly waiting each week for episode but to let them know. Haalim is about to end in few more episodes so the writer taking more time to write each episode.

Haalim Episode 16


Very fascinating review on the haalim episode 15:

There is one turn towards each other, towards whom it turns away, so you fulfill the good deeds, wherever you are, Allah will find you. Nothing is out of his power

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When the winner said that he was a compassionate, then he would be the moment too. Now this campaign is start. Recently you have taught that the promise is to fulfill. If you put a light on the types of promises. Then it would not hold your pocket. But you are not guilty even if you are on top and alone (Bachara politician)
So what kind of promise is the politician to prove himself best for the people. Haalim Episode 16

Now we will know that a good politician is a better politician who is committed to the public’s promise to break the power of public good and people forget. The idols are also broken. The winner of the winner’s winner ..
Well, but we’re talking about a sincerely and honest leader, we should do this, and it’s hard to do decades. He also breaks some promises, he will not be able to move away from his goal! Haalim Episode 16

And we must know that in order to meet the most important promise, such important key companies can be broken. Maybe because when the institutions are strong then corruption will end and when the winners become PM, the institutions will be strong. So they should become a pace soon. Quickly.

Goodbye they are on such a big height as they can not afford to become a Fan Girlfriend. You can not leave them right now, Snow White is to take revenge from the mad school.
Haalim Episode 16
Ghulam Winner was also a self-determination like leader winner, and then his selfishness can be the reason for six hundred and sixty. How can the princess see someone else that the slave winner is also a real leader, a leader and a respected person like leader leader. Was human He knew all the stories of the hearts, but the love of Aryana won his own story of his heart. Haalim Episode 16

Swaghlam Watth also promised a more important promise, the king of his friends, the rest of the country, and the improvement of the subcontinent..and also the promise of evil rival, Queen Yufa and Murad Raja. It happens leader
So be patient, some trust in your new, educated and handsome leader, Talia! .
Haalim Episode 16
Princess We can not regret relationships and love as unusual events in the past. Because they are not related to the mind. Love more than a father can not do anything with his daughter. And you winner just like that in your good qualities and flaws.  Haalim Episode 16

A self-esteemed politician who has a lot of love from her daughter, five hundred and a half years ago, the success of Raja Watah Sa’i will also be with Watmat, for his actions, the act of killing the magic grandsons in the ancient millennium. The bombs were magicians. But its noise treasure is not this excuse.
Haalim Episode 16
Printer defects will be done by evils not because of evils, because hatred is the most difficult task of this world. In which when the hearts of broken dreams. The eyes of the broken heart and the eyes and the eyebrows, and their hearts are surrounded People do not care The heart is a little bit tremendous.

One of the best compaign managers had to make any of their intense burnt sensations as a result of heart attack.  Because they could be the best thing in which their heart shares. What would happen if the modern autumn showcase its jealousy instead of performing a good mother of Aryana. The winner also became cautious, even though the situation was not too strong, Aryana would still be alive, Adam would be happy, too. (The recent one who wins the winner) Haalim Episode 16 will not just have a recent novel ?? But the fact is that it is more complicated than stories.
Haalim Epi 16
My Dear Adam You should definitely grumble yourself, but to become a better version. And on your personal expenses .. Your way | Haalim Episode 16

In the world of God, there is no lack of humanity or treasures. But like the recent meaning, you meet once again, and the daughter of this magic fall is not easy to get out of person’s breath. If you love to love someone then unlove
It’s not possible to do it! ..

And the treasure is for every human being who seeks to find. After finding yourself, you know how to work hard for your dreams. So, the one who has taken a good ethics is only an anchor of Adam’s treasury. But the first brick, but there are still many gold, silver ornaments and jewelry remaining (i.e. many emails that have been received from the lawyer’s account), even imagine gems.

You read thousands of books. Cheating food is essential for becoming a lifestyle in professional life, too, you too.
Haalim Episode 16
And a thick, cut-off diet, you will not need anti-depressants if you do your job honestly. Vote, many humans suffer depression due to not just doing the right thing at the right time. So make your situation perfect so that you do not suffer depression due to the past. The winner’s speech was disqualified since the moment of the campaign. But Sofia Rehman got well. Such leaders should be showing miraculous mirror.
Haalim Episode 16
We need to take a new lesson of cheerfulness and patriotism from the Chinese Queen. But what will happen now when the princess returns to 60 years old

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